We changed our pricing model. Here’s why:

David Lauchenauer
David·February 14, 2022
Indiebrands are for Indiehackers

Update: We changed our prices to $679 to fit the current inflation.


TLDR; We are changing all* our prices to $579. Continue reading to learn why.


We always struggled to price our brands.

What’s the most relevant? The Logo? The domain? Its length? The overall brand expression?


We tried to take all of that into consideration to come up with reasonable prices, all while focusing on staying affordable to Indiehackers.


This is why even our most expensive names were cheap compared to the “domaining” industry. Most priced below 50% of what Godaddy’s appraisal tool suggests (one of the more accurate free tools in that space) which domain-speculators would rather see as their bottom price.

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But even that isn’t enough for us.


Indiebrands is no domain speculating business. If it were, none of our names would be priced below $2.000. For the most part, it is pretty impossible to sell just a name itself, but owning the corresponding domain gives the name some actual value.


Until now, we did have higher prices for certain domains, which kinda is speculative. With a recent reconsideration of who actually is our target audience, we came to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense for us and especially our customers to have varying prices. Our customers come to Indiebrands to find a good name for their project/business, and not to speculate on a domain.


Therefore, from now on, all Indiebrands will be priced the same. There is only one exception to this. A few really great domains are just too likely to be bought by speculators, so they will be categorized as “premium” and be priced a little higher. To make up for that price increase, we will add additional value to those domains by providing our logo customization add-on completely free & you’ll get a little surprise 🤫

Finding the Pricing Sweet spot

To find the pricing sweet spot, we need to consider 3 factors.


1) Prices need to be affordable to Indiehackers – This is our main goal.

2) Prices need to support us running the business. That means covering all expenses from hours worked to hosting, portfolio expenses as well as leaving some headroom for growth.

3) Prices can’t be too low so that they attract domain speculators. Sadly, some domains we sold end up on secondary markets. This won’t help Indiehackers & all the work we put into our logos end up useless.

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Considering all three factors, from now we are pricing all Indiebrands at $579 and premium brands at $779.


This way we’ll be able to support a huge spectrum of Indiehackers & make enough profit to run Indiebrands, all while avoiding most domain speculators.